Thursday, July 14, 2011

Curvy Serena Williams steals the show at the ESPY Awards in plunging pink minidress

She made a triumphant return to the circuit courts at Wimbledon last month after nearly a year off due to illness.

And last night, Serena Williams scored another asset, as she managed to steal the show at the ESPY ceremony as she poses on the red carpet wearing a mini-plunging pink dress.

Holding tight, which presented in detail to make it look like a jacket and skirt, drew attention to the sinuous figure of Serena and said the most prominent assets.

Serena, 29, accessorized her dress with a pair of sky high heels Christian Louboutin gold flakes and a gold necklace while detailed and sports stars including Maria Sharapova and Hannah Cornett was all in their outfits, Serena assured any the attention was on her in her eye-catching dress.

Serena is famous for its sinuous silhouette which is the exact opposite of the sister of Venus athletic, muscular physique.

But the sports star admits it took a while to accept her face and adopt a healthy attitude to food and exercise.

She said recently: "Since I do not look like all girls, it takes a while to agree with that. To be different. But different is good.

"My smile is my favorite part of my body. Do Count? I think a smile can make your whole body!

Serena, who was forced to take the time to the tennis world after suffering various injuries and a fatal pulmonary embolism, also said it was to try different exercises to stay in the best shape possible.



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