Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Harry’s given Pippa cheeky knickername

Prince Harry has been called Pippa Middleton "Commando" - sparking rumors that she was not wearing pants at the royal wedding.

He also appeared Party Planner Pippa, 27, has a pet name for Harry - after calling the captain's rank in the army.

Pippa caused a sensation with her shapely rear view being a bridesmaid at the wedding of Chief sister Kate to William Harry brother, Prince in April.

And Harry, 26, was one of many flashing seen admiring glances.

Yesterday, an insider revealed: "She called the captain and he calls his commando, who is always laughing She thinks he really has a mischievous sense of humor .."

Meanwhile, the singer Usher, 32, told a magazine Pippa: "I do not think there is a more beautiful, more amazing, most talked-about woman in the world."



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