Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fury over beauty salon offering, make-overs spray tans and facials for girls as young as ONE

Opening a beauty salon offering make-overs and facials for children as young as one has caused anger among human rights activists of the child.

The show, which is only for less than 13 years, opened its doors at a time of intense concern over the sexualisation of growing children. This week, a government-backed report called for measures to protect the innocence of children, including control of access to inappropriate clothing, pop videos and sexy.

Shy Keenan, a consultant in child protection, said: "It's outrageous - that give children a complext on how they look at the age of one year."

But while critics warned that young adults so pamper away their childhood, Monkeys Trendy owner Michelle Devine, defended his company.

The lounge is located in Brentwood, Essex, the epicenter of the ITV series is the only means of Essex, which follows the lives of young rich.

Miss Devine, 28, a single mother of two young girls, has insisted that the show will not allow girls to "exude confidence, glamor and the desire to look her best at all times, regardless of age. "I'll spray tanning if parents so wish," she added.

But Ms. Keenan told the Sun: "It is outrageous - it gives children a complex on the way they look at the age of one year."



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