Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pakistani pornstar Nadia Ali participates in anti-Hijab adult film

LOS ANGELES (Web Desk) – American porn star of Pakistani origin, Nadia Ali, acts in an adult movie, Women of the Middle East, wearing a hijab while performing in the movie.
The director of pornographic movie claims she is commenting on the status of Muslim women by showing the porn actresses in different forms of veil – hijab, niqab, burka, VICE reported.
Many Pakistanis on Twitter viewed it as a thinly-veiled attempt to get controversy and fame. Nadia’s decision to work in an anti-Muslim movie has hurt the sentiments of Pakistanis and Muslims. Most have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment about Nadia’s movie and profession.
Pleasss come on Right path @Nadia_Ali_xxxDont embraced yourself and your country :/

@Nadia_Ali_xxx i just can pray for you Allah show you right path Amen and i am not your hater or somthing i wish you not angry because of me
Nadia tweeted back, saying people have no right to judge her, adding that she is responsible for her actions.



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