Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fable to be revived as a digital card game

A group of Lionhead developers is raising the Fable franchise from the ashes.

Having formed a new studio called Flaming Fowl in the wake of Lionhead's April closure, the team will be taking to Kickstarter to crowdfund a Fable-themed, free-to-play digital card game called Fable Fortune.

The game had previously been in development for 18 months before Lionhead closed down, the team revealed in an interview with IGN. To make the game now, they've licensed the IP from Microsoft, which now owns it. Fable Fortune will consist of some Hearthstone-style collectable card game gameplay, with both single-player and online multiplayer player-versus-player and co-op modes, drawing on the Fable universe and games.

It will also include some quest-like elements, such as playing specific cards or using mana, that will allow you to make "good" and "evil" Fable-style choices.

The Kickstarter will be seeking a minimum of £250,000 (around $367,000). If successful, the game is expected to release early 2017. The campaign will go live on Kickstarter on May 31.



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