Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bend it like Samsung: Galaxy X, the flexible phone

Samsung has been playing around with the concept of a bendable phone for a while now, and rumors of prototypes have been flooding the Internet as well, but now Samsung has taken its first official step towards a bendable phone. Say hello to the Galaxy X.

Showed off by Samsung at the SID 2016 event in San Francisco, the Galaxy X is the flexible phone complete with a roll out LED display by the company. The Galaxy X can be rolled out, similar to an old fashioned scroll, but currently does not include a touch screen layer. The company has not confirmed if the phone will come with a touch layer later on, but it can be large hurdle to tackle.

However, the screen is of high quality and comes with a Full HD resolution on a display, and is approximately the same size as the Galaxy Note 5 at 5.7 inches, and is also really thin at 0.3mm. A lot of Samsung's flagship devices already support a curved edge on the screen, but the Galaxy X will be the first one with a fully bendable display.

Samsung is not the first one with the idea though, as LG is also working on a flexible phone similar to the earlier G Flex and G Flex 2. It might be a race to see who comes out with the phone first, but if rumors are to be believed, Samsung might release the Galaxy X next year.



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